Friday, December 29, 2017

Holiday Cards 2017

Holiday cards were upcycled from many different cards and included a 3D printed ornament. Check more out here: holiday2017.html

Monday, January 2, 2012

Holiday Card 2011

Portland inspired (put a bird on it) 1-step slide card with stand

Thanksgiving Card

a Pay It Forward card
A card to say thank you to the people that we love (chartreuse/paper bag),
and one for them to send to someone they love (pool/poppy with love stamp)
Garden of Love Forever stamp

Holiday e-Card 2010

An electronic card; a website with a mosaic of pictures created out of individual artist's rendering of tiles from an original photo (revealed on Christmas day to be Union Square)

Holiday Up-cycled Card 2009

Up-cycled; non-holiday card converted to Pop-up
Only original part was the lamp

Holiday Card 2008

We kept our family working by including a homemade beading kit 
(along with custom instructions at with our store bought cards.

Holiday Card 2007

Along with store bought cards, we made origami-tree, holiday-letter inserts.

Holiday Card 2005

Shrinky Dinks!  
We used the printer version and created a graphic for friends and family 
to cut out, shrink and add to their tree.

Holiday Card 2004

We sent along a beaded peace sign with these.  
It was so much fun hanging the extra peace ornaments around town.

Holiday Card 2003


Using a weird, but fun, pen that spat paint, we made these cards with homemade templates.
I think we also sent out these beaded trees with this one.


Holiday Card 2002

Our first attempt at a homemade holiday card for our friends and family.